Applies to: Quark XML Author 4.8.x and 5.x

Summary: We can disable Print Menu for Quark XML Author document without changing the MS Word settings. This can be achieved by making changes in the backstage view


For controls on the Backstage view, XML Author only supports the following configuration:

  1. Visible in all Word and XML Author documents i.e. visible='true'
  2. Not visible in all Word and XML Author documents i.e. visible='false'

However, we can disable the 'Print' command in backstage view for XML Author documents (i.e 'Print' option in backstage view will be disable for 'XML Author' documents and will remain enabled for Word documents) by adding following command without a re-purpose designation in AppConfig file.

Step 1: Add <command idMso='TabPrint'/> in AppConfig file as shown below:

Step 2: Disable the following highlighted entry in <backstage> tag for Word 2010 and/or <backstage2013> tag for Word 2013 by adding comments <!-- -->