Applies to- Quark Publishing Platform 10 and 2015 on Windows or Mac OS.

Assets are saved with the correct time. However, in the Workspace screen, time displayed is few hours ahead of the asset saved time and in the Admin screen it is few hours behind or vice versa.

Solution: This can be resolved by following one of the below solutions.

Solution I:
  • Clear the browser cache and re-launch the browser.
  • Then, login back to the Workspace or Admin to get the correct time displayed.

Solution II: If you directly hit the URL ending in login.qsp, then you may encounter this issue with the incorrect time stamp. Please use the below recommended URL.

Correct URL: http://<QPP Server>:61400/admin
Incorrect URL: http://<QPP Server>:61400/admin/login.qsp

Correct URL:
http://<QPP Server>:61400/workspace
Incorrect URL:http://<QPP Server>:61400/workspace/login.qsp