TitleUnable to perform Silent Installation of Quark Publishing Platform Server on a non-default location and following issues may occurs:

Issue 1: Silent installation fails and throws error 'Database.properties, Query.properties, PluginsContext.xml' files not found.

Issue 2: Software gets installed on the default location even though a non-default location is specified.

Applies to: Platform Sever 11.1, 11.0


Sometimes you may need to install Platform Server on a non-default location i.e other than 'C:\Program Files\Quark\Quark Publishing Platform\' and you specify a non-default location in the setup.xml file, for example:

<InstallationLocation MaxLength='260'>D:\Progs\Quark\Quark Publishing Platform\</InstallationLocation>

Silent Installation may fail or doesn't install on the specified location.


This issue has been resolved in Platform Server version 11.2.1 onwards. You may now perform silent installation by specifying non-default installation location in setup.xml file.