Summary: A user can assign text and picture components from QuarkXPress to a QuarkCopyDesk user.

To add components from QuarkXPress to QuarkCopyDesk Article.

  1. Quit QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk.
  2. Navigate to:
    Mac OS Mac HDD/Applications/QuarkCopyDesk/XTensions/For QuarkXPress
    Win OS Local Disk C:/Program Files(x86)/Quark/QuarkCopyDesk/XTensions/For QuarkXPress
  3. Move the XTensions from the above location to the location below:
    Mac OS: Mac HDD/Applications/QuarkXPress/XTensions
    Win OS: Local Disk C:/Program Files(x86)/Quark/QuarkXPress/XTensions
  4. Launch QuarkXPress.
  5. Navigate to: Window>Articles to open the Articles palette.

    Articles Palette

  6. You can add components in the articles palette by selecting the text/picture component and click on Add item in the Article palette, then save the project.
  7. Export the layout as Article [File>Export>Layout as Article] and open the layout saved as QuarkCopyDesk article in QuarkCopyDesk to work on it.
  8. Save the article.

To open the Article in QuarkXPress, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch QuarkXPress.
  2. Open an existing or new project.
  3. Select the Text or picture box in which you want to add the text or picture component respectively.
  4. Navigate to: File > Import or right click > Import and select the QuarkCopyDesk article to import its components. The following palette will appear.

  5. To add a Picture component, select picture and to add a text component, select text respectively.
  6. Click OK.