Applies to- QuarkXPress 2015 and QuarkXPress 2016 on both Mac OS and Windows OS

If you work with different people or at different workstations and need the same presets everywhere

1. Within QuarkXPress 2015 create the presets you need at one workstation.
Note: Refer page 60 of PDF manual (at below weblink) to know the procedure of creating custom Paper size

2. Quit QuarkXPress 2015.
3. Go to the Preferences folder and locate the file 'XPXT_XCPS_1.resdata' (it's in the folder ResData/XPress Preferences in your main preferences folder). It contains all your presets.
4. Copy it.
5. Go to the other workstation and put the copied file into the preferences folder of the new QuarkXPress 2015 (at the same place), replacing the existing file.