What is QuarkXPress.log
QuarkXPress.log is a log file which records the activities done while working in QuarkXPress as per the log level defined. This log file proves to be very useful while troubleshooting customer issues. There are many scenarios when it is not possible to get into the root of issue using normal troubleshooting steps and in that case, we can get QuarkXPress.log file from customer setup.

Location of QuarkXPress.log
Mac HD > Users > Current User > Library > Logs > Quark

C(Root drive):\Users\Current User\AppData\Roaming\Quark\Log

How to increase the log level:
The log level of QuarkXPress.log file can be increased as per the requirement, in the file named as QLog.cfg
This file is available as QuarkXPress application folder > QLog
In order to change the log level open QLog.cfg in any textedit application(like Notepad, TextEdit) and change the value of parameter LOG_LEVEL

We can change the following values of QuarkXPress.log file using the below mentioned parameters(in QLog.cfg)
LOG_FILE_NAME --> name
LOG_DIRECTORY -- > location
LOG_MAX_SIZE --> size on disk

Uncomment the above parameters and change their values.

How to collect this file from customer:

1. Request the customer to rename the existing QuarkXPress.log to QuarkXPressOLD.log
2. Change the log level using the procedure as mentioned above
3. Relaunch QuarkXPress application
4. Perform the steps to reproduce the issue (crash/slowness/ hang etc)
5. Collect the new QuarkXPress.log from customer setup