This specific error exposes a problem in network communication between the QLA-aware application (usually QuarkXPress) and the QLA Server. Check for the following conditions:

  • A software firewall is active and running on the client machine.
  • The network is being so heavily used that there is not enough bandwidth to check out a license.
  • There is a problem with an intervening router or switch.
  • The QLA Server is responding with the correct packets (which is resolved by rebooting the QLA Server machine or restarting the QLA Server application or service.

Error code 4118 will display when there is a network communication problem. In this scenario. QuarkXPress connects to the QLA Server and receives a session ID. From this point onwards the QuarkXPress (or any other QLA-aware application) will connect to the QLA Server using this session ID.

There are various communications that take place between the client and the server after getting the session ID but before checking out a license. During this interval there can be a communication error, possibly because of network traffic or other network issues. If too much time passes after the request is sent to the QLA Server, the session key expires or becomes invalid. If this occurs, the QLA Server is as a result unable to grant the license.