The new HTML5 Publications in QuarkXPress 2016 can give you a similar experience as apps just in a browser. HTML Publications do not create any additional costs, all you need – besides QuarkXPress 2016 – is a web server where you host them, which probably will cost you some fees. Of course you can use your existing webserver that you may have.

You may perform this conversion with below steps:

  1. In QuarkXPress 2016 choose menu “Layout > Duplicate” and duplicate it as a “Digital” layout (not “Print”):

  1. You will get a duplicate layout with Horizontal and Vertical orientation(depend upon you selected option for orientation):

  1. Preview using the button in the lower left corner of the document window OR Export (using “File > Export > As HTML5 Publication”):

  1. Put the exported folder on a web server (e.g. via FTP) and publish it.

Of course if you do not want to start with Print, you can also create a digital layout from scratch. If you want to make your HTML interactive then you may open HTML5 palette(Window menu >> HTML5) and add more interactivity to your layout.