The error occurs in QuarkXPress 10.5 on 10.10.x (Yosemite) while importing images in the document.


  1. Go to System Preferences> Language & Region
  2. Click on the + Icon> Scroll down
  3. Change the System Language to “US English
  4. Restart the machine
  5. Create User Level Preferences from the steps below:
    • Navigate to Mac HDD> Users> Current User> Library> Preferences> Quark> QuarkXPress 10

      (On the Finder window, please press and hold the 'option' key (marked ALT) and on the menu bar, at the top, select Go to view the User Library)
    • Rename “QuarkXPress 10” to “Old QuarkXPress 10
  6. Re-launch QuarkXPress 10
  7. Create a new document> Create a Picturebox
  8. Import a random JPEG image (ensure that it doesn’t contain special characters)
  9. Check the behavior