Applies to-

All Mac and All Windows.

QuarkXPress 2016


We introduced Footnotes and Endnotes in QuarkXPress 2015. In QuarkXPress 2016, we have enhanced its capabilities based on user feedback. These enhancements include additional formatting options for footnotes, footnote markers and separator styles.

QuarkXPress 2016 offers:

  • You can now apply different styles for footnote text, footnote marker and footnote numbers.
  • You can specify a different character styling for the footnote number in the footnote text.
  • You can also apply Prefix and Suffix for footnote number/reference in footnote text.
  • You can specify different Space Separator between number and footnote text. Like Tab space, Em space, etc.

  • In case of multi-column or multi-page footnotes, you can define a different separator style for split footnotes as shown in the below screenshot:
  • You can also turn off separator rule completely by unchecking Rules in Footnote Separator Style.
  • You can specify offset position of rule in relative terms of percentage (%) in addition to absolute values supported in QuarkXPress 2015.
  • Numbering styles are enhanced to include new numbering series like “*, †, ‡, §, ‖, ¶…” or “*, **, ***, ****, †, ††, †††, ††††…” The same can be used for footnote/endnote numbering style.