Applies to - QuarkXPress 2016, Windows and Mac OS

Summary - You can apply font features on either QuarkXPress document or imported MS word document with End notes.

Solution :

1. Open the QuarkXPress document on which you want to apply the font features on End notes or Create a new project and then import the Word document ( File > Import)

2. Navigate to Edit menu > Style sheets

3. Create new Paragraph Stylesheet and make changes as required for leading, first line,etc on the Tab 'Format' .

4. Now switch back to General tab and create new Character Stylesheet (Character Style dropdown > New)

5.Set the values for Color, Font, Size ,Shade ,Opacity that you would like to get applied on the Endnotes.

6. Click Ok to save the changes and click on Save button of Stylesheet dialog box.

7. Open Footnote Styles palette (Windows > Footnote Styles)

8. After importing the MS Word document, you should have style named as MS Word Endnote Style1 which is listed under Footnote Styles palette. In case you are applying font features to the Endnotes in QXP documents , please select the Default Endnote Style option.

9. Right click this style and edit it (it would prompt edit Footnote Style dialog box)

10. Now, please select the new paragraph Style sheet created in step 2. At this step new character style sheet also get applied on endnote which was linked to above stylesheet.

11. In case you notice that the Endnote stylesheet is not applied to any of the Endnotes, you can click anywhere on the end notes, hold down the Option key Or Alt key from your keyboard and then click the + symbol that could be found in front of the paragraph stylesheet name.