Affects - QuarkXPress 2015 and QuarkXPress 2016
Both Mac and Windows

Background: (This is optional incase we do not have a Background)
When user exports QuarkXPress project as PDF with registration marks, then there is no option to change the color of registration marks in PDF output. The registration color is a 100% shade of CMYK + Spot color used
We cannot control this color to output only in black plate depends on the mode of output.

Solution / Workaround:
1. Import the PDF (created from QuarkXPress project with registration marks) in a new project with MediaBox Bounding box (In Import dialog box).
2. Convert to native objects.
3. Go to Edit menu > Item Find /Change for the registration marks from Registration Color to Black
4. Again navigate to Edit menu > Find/Change for Color to change from Registration Color to Black for text (slugline).

Save the project in QuarkXPress and output without the marks, now it will output in Black plate only.