Topic: How to get the Custom Key shortcuts exported to another computer in QuarkXPress 2016.

Applies to: MAC OS

Background: Use the Key Shortcuts pane of the Preferences dialog box (QuarkXPress/Edit menu) to customize key shortcuts for QuarkXPress. Use the Key Shortcut Sets drop-down menu to choose from the existing key shortcuts sets or click on the icon to duplicate an existing set.

Choose all to display all key shortcuts, Menu to display only shortcuts related to QuarkXPress menu items and Non-Menu to display all shortcuts not related to menu items.


QuarkXPress custom key shortcut file is stored at below location:

  1. Navigate to the Go Menu and hold down the option key then choose the library option
  2. Go to the Application Support Folder >> Quark>> QuarkXPress >> QuarkCustomKeyShortcuts
  3. You may copy this file and replace on another machine.

P.S: Kindly take a backup of original file and then try to replace it and verify the behavior.