Quark License Administrator software is a tool that allows you to easily manage licensed Quark products, such as QuarkXPress software, on multiple computers. Quark License Administrator lets you assign licenses to individuals or groups and use auxiliary licenses. (If you purchased QuarkXPress but did not choose to receive auxiliary licenses at that time, you can obtain auxiliary licenses by contacting Quark.)

QLA software simplifies the installation and maintenance of a Quark application on multiple computers, giving you the flexibility to assign a license to an individual computer, person, or entire group. If you need to accommodate freelancers, contractors, and employees who work on the road, you can provide them with remote license files so they can use Quark applications from remote sites.

New functionality in QLA 4.5 provides even more control

Along with the efficient management of Quark software licenses, QLA 4.5 offers exciting new functionality, including compatibility with Intel based Macintosh computers and QuarkXPress XTensions software license management. In addition, version 4.5 includes:

  • Support for Windows Vista
  • License usage information
  • Remote license file notification
  • Backup server time limit
  • Server failure notification
  • IP addresses, host IDs, and port numbers

Download or order QLA 4.5 at no charge

Whether you are currently using QLA 4.5 or would like to install it for the first time, you can download QLA 4.5 for free to take advantage of its new features. Send an e-mail message to updater@quark.com Include your name, mailing address, and a request for QLA 4.5. Your CD-ROM will arrive within 10 business days. To expedite delivery, please request 'Express Mail' in your e-mail message. There is a charge for this option.