You will need four pieces of information during the installation and configuration of QLA: First, you need to find (and write down!) the following information:

  1. The IP address of the machine(s) on which you are going to run the QLA Primary Server and the Backup Server.
  2. The Mac address (also known as the Hardware address or Ethernet address) of the machines on which you are installing the QLA Primary Server and Backup Server.
  3. You will need to choose what port number on which you want the QLA Server to listen for requests for licenses. This value can be any number between 1024 and 65525. This port number choice allows the QLA Server to listen on a non-conflicting network port so that no other network services are inhibited by calls to and from the QLA Server.

    Note: Many site administrators have asked if QLA will require them to open a port in their firewall. The answer to this question is NO. The QLA technology requires no calls outside of your LAN/WAN environment. As long as all QLA–licensed applications reside behind your firewall, there is no need to open a port in your firewall in order to support QLA functionality.
  4. You will need your Quark customer number, which is printed on the sheet that contains the serial number and validation code that came with your site license package.