As you prepare for your Quark License Administrator order and installation, there are a few questions you need to answer.

  • How many licenses do you need to support with your QLA Server, and where are these licenses located?
  • On what kind of machine do you want to run your QLA Server application? Because it is written for and operates in the Java runtime, QLA will run on Macintosh, Windows and Solaris operating systems.
  • Will you be supporting software licenses only in your LAN, or are you supporting licenses in a multi-city WAN?
  • Are you going to run a backup QLA Server? If so, where will it be located?
  • Will any of your users need an Extended License (i.e., a license checked out remotely and disconnected from the network)?
  • Will any of your users or machines need a reserved license?
  • QLA 4.5 allows you to manage any third-party XTensions independently of the QuarkXPress serial number. Do you need or would you like to have Quark License Administrator manage any XTensions that are used in production?
  • QLA 4.5 allows you to designate sub-administrators for specific serial numbers of groups of users. Do you want to do this?
  • Will you be consolidating multiple sites into a single QLA site? If so, under what customer number do you want to register them? This will affect how Quark places and configures your site license order.