To create a Remote License:

  1. Go to Utilities > Generate Remote License File.
  2. Under Application Information, select the Serial Number, Application Name, and enter the Version of QuarkXPress for which you want the Remote License.
  3. Enter the number of days for which you want the Remote License to be valid.
  4. Enter the Host ID (Mac address) of the user's computer that will be running QuarkXPress.
  5. Enter the User Name (usually the File Sharing name for Mac or DNS name for the Windows computer.
  6. If you want a future Start Date or want to designate an End Date, enter those values
  7. Click Create. You will be prompted to save the file to a folder location.


The QLA Control Panel allows you to create an Extended License for a remote user who cannot connect to your LAN/WAN. You will need to obtain the user machine Host ID and User name in order to create this Extended License. Once you have created the Remote License, you can Email it to the user, who will place it into the root level of the QuarkXPress folder.