To set the maximum number of days you wish to allow for Extended Licenses:

  1. Launch the QLA Control Panel (the QLA Client).
  2. Click on the Configuration Options tab.
  3. Under Extended check-out Configuration, set the number of days in the Maximum Extended Checkout for free run count (days) field.
  4. Click Save.

Note: This value is also used to determine the maximum number of days that you can check out a Remote License.


The Configuration Options pane in the QLA Client Control Panel allows you to set the maximum number of days you want to allow users to check out an Extended License. Located in the lower right section of the Configuration Options pane is a field to set this value. The maximum value you can enter in this field is 999 days. Once you have set your value here and clicked Save, users can go to the Utilities menu in QuarkXPress and select Check Out License. Your users can then enter a number of days that is less than or equal to the value you entered in the QLA Client Control Panel.