You do not have to reinstall QuarkXPress on the client computers. To move QLA to a new computer:

1) Install QLA Server from the disk or the link provided.

2) To get a new license file, go to

3) Specify your language, choose your region, and then click Continue.

4) Enter your user name and password and click Log On.

5) Enter the new computer's IP address and ethernet address.

6) Click Submit to download the new license file.

7) Navigate to the 'Server' folder in the QLA application folder and remove the old 'QLALicense.dat' file.

8) Put the newly downloaded 'QLALicense.dat' file in the 'Server' folder.

9) Relaunch QLA.

10) On the client computers, open the '' file in the QuarkXPress application folder using Notepad (on Windows) or TextEdit (Mac OS) and change the IP address value to the IP address of the new QLA Server computer.