To point QuarkXPress to the new QLA Server IP Address, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the file and open it in a text editor. It is located in the QuarkXPress folder at the root level.

    For Mac: Hard Drive:Applications:QuarkXPress 8 (or QuarkXPress 7)

    For Windows: C:\Program Files\Quark\ QuarkXPress 8 (or QuarkXPress 7)
  2. You will see listings for QLASERVER_HOST and QLASERVER_PORT.
  3. Change the QLASERVER_HOST values to those of the new QLA Server machine. (See the example below).



    Note: If you have changed the port number, go ahead and change that value as well. In addition, if you are running with a Backup Server and you have changed its address, edit the Backup Server properties.


  4. You do not need to repeat this procedure for every file in every QuarkXPress folder. Once you have made these changes on one file, save it and copy or deploy it into the QuarkXPress folder on all your workstations.


When a QLA-supported version of QuarkXPress launches, it reads the QLA Server IP Address and port number from a text file located in the root level of the QuarkXPress folder, named You can safely open, make changes, and save changes in this file. You will need to do this if you have moved QLA Server to a machine with a different IP Address or DNS Name.