Applies to:
Both MAC and Windows OS
QuarkXPress 2016

The new digital publishing enhancements allow you to create HTML5 publications without any additional software. You can start fresh or convert print layouts to digital layouts and export them as HTML5 publications. This allows you to produce web-friendly digital products that are easy to distribute, using a standards-based file format without reoccurring costs.

The digital publishing enhancements include:

• A new Digital layout type. The layout inherits many of the App Studio capabilities that include HTML5 support with an option to add interactivity including Audio, Video, Slideshows, Animations, 360 Degree Image and Buttons. Create pixel-perfect layouts with an app like experience on all modern desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers, containing any interactive enrichments that you want. The new project dialog for Digital layouts offers options to select target devices. Users have the ability to create and save custom devices and sizes and then reuse them by selecting them from the New Project dialog. Users also have the option to choose Both as an orientation, resulting in the creation of two layouts, a vertical
and a horizontal one.

• The option to Export Layout as HTML5 Publication. Your output can be simply uploaded to a web server; the HTML5 publications are standard-based and need no plugin.

• The ability to Preview HTML5 Publication. You can view an HTML5 preview in QuarkXPress 2016 before exporting it to see how it will appear in a browser once it is hosted on a server.

• The ability to duplicate an existing Print layout as a Digital layout.

• The ability to apply many text attributes natively. QuarkXPress 2016 allows you to apply many text attributes natively in Digital layouts, without having to convert the box to a graphic in HTML output. With this new capability, you can easily convert your Print layout to Digital and enrich content with HTML5 interactivity and export to HTML5 Publication. This ensures that the text is exported natively and is selectable and searchable when exported to ePub/Kindle/App Studio and HTML5 Publications.