To delete the file, follow these steps:

  1. In the Finder, select the menu option Go > Go to Folder …
  2. Enter the following line:

  3. In the newly opened window, delete the file named

Note: If you installed QLA Server as a service (daemon), you will also need to delete the QLA folder inside the StartupItems folder (Hard Drive:Library:StartupItems).


When Quark License Administrator is installed, resources are also installed to a location on the hard drive outside of the Quark License Administrator folder. When you trashed the QLA 4.01 folder, you also trashed the Uninstall QLAServer folder. The Uninstall QLA Server application uninstalls these other resources. Because these resources are not visible in the system, you will need to make them visible and delete them manually. You can make these files visible using a utility such as TinkerTool.