To resolve this problem, you will need to contact Quark Technical Support to request that a Quark representative either delete the serial number from the other (existing) QLA Web Account or purge the other QLA Web Account entirely. The Quark Representative will only be able to do this for serial numbers that belong to you or your particular site location. To contact Quark Technical Support, call 800.676.4575.


When you click Submit, the QLA Web Server does a search in the Quark customer database to ensure that:

  1. The serial number entered on the QLA Account Setup is associated with your customer number.
  2. The serial number entered is not already listed under a different QLA Web Account.

If the serial number is already used in another QLA Web Account, the 'Serial Number is in use' error will be generated by the QLA Web Server. One serial number cannot be registered under two different QLA Web Accounts.