Que. What is QuarkXPress 10?
Ans. QuarkXPress 10 is the graphic design and page layout software for designers who love print and live digital. New inside and out, QuarkXPress 10 includes Quark’s new Xenon Graphics Engine, Retina display support, a modern architecture, and over fifty feature enhancements that streamline the design process and improve the design experience. It also continues support for ePub and out-of-the-box HTML5 authoring tools for App Studio, the leading cloud-based HTML5 solution for creating award-winning tablet and smartphone experiences.

Que. What is the Xenon Graphics Engine?
Ans. The Xenon Graphics Engine is a brand new rendering engine that Quark developed from the ground up. It will be integrated across Quark’s product lines, starting with QuarkXPress 10. The Xenon Graphics Engine drastically improves the clarity with which pixel and vector files – PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, PSD, and others – are rendered within QuarkXPress. It always delivers the best on screen resolution in real time, irrespective of zoom, crop, and even while positioning graphics.

Que. Why did Quark switch to a Cocoa development environment?
Ans. Cocoa is the current and preeminent application environment for Mac OS X. Being a Cocoa app brings a number of benefits to QuarkXPress 10, including the ability to leverage the latest OS X features, maximize performance, and rapidly support new OS X releases.

Que. What was the development effort required to move to Cocoa?
Ans. QuarkXPress 10 is the first version of QuarkXPress to run as a native Cocoa app, which required a significant development effort. All in all, the team

  • Updated half a million lines of code
  • Added 350,000 new lines of code
  • Created more than 500 dialogues and palettes in multiple languages
  • Incorporated 1,300 icons to enable Retina display resolutions

Que. What is new in QuarkXPress 10?
Ans. QuarkXPress 10 looks, feels, and performs better than any previous version. This is in part to the new Xenon Graphics engine and the migration to Cocoa, but that is just the start. In order to further optimize the design environment, QuarkXPress 10 has been overhauled on the outside too with a modern new look and over 50 new feature enhancements. Users will love:

  • HiDPI and Retina Display Support: Every element of QuarkXPress 10 has been optimized to take full advantage of high-resolution Retina displays found on the new Mac Book Pro.
  • QR Code Creator: Generate, style, and color vector Quick Response (QR) codes directly within QuarkXPress with support for text QR codes such as URLs and SMS as well as vCards.
  • East Asian Typography: Now every edition of QuarkXPress 10 supports East Asian typography, not just editions sold in East Asia. This includes features such as vertical story text, phonetic text reading (rubi) font sets, character grids, and more.
  • Next Generation Palettes: Dock palettes to screen edges, turn on hiding, drag and drop palettes, snap to windows, and more. New shortcut keys enable even faster access.
  • Full Screen Experience: Expand the design environment to fill the entire screen with one click.
  • Page Navigator: Easily scan through the page thumbnails and go directly to a chosen page faster.
  • Measurements Palette: The measurements palette is now the single most important destination in QuarkXPress.
  • Plus a range of productivity boosters:
    • Import Pictures and Hyperlinks from Microsoft Word
    • PDF Pass-Through Transparency
    • Layers Enhancements
    • Print Preview
    • Key Item Space/Align
    • Highlight Missing Fonts
    • Improved IME support
    • Bezier Tool Enhancement
    • Layout Tab Reordering

See a full list here: www.quark.com/10

Que. Can you tell me more about the new features that will be coming to QuarkXPress 10 for publishing apps using App Studio?
Ans. Besides the ability to create Page Flips for apps designed with QuarkXPress 10 for App Studio, I can’t yet share details about new features. We have a great roadmap of new App Studio enrichments for QuarkXPress but we’ll have to let you know about the others beyond the Page Flip effect nearer their release.

Que. Is QuarkXPress 10 64-bit?
Ans. QuarkXPress 10 will not be 64-bit in the 10.0 version, but will be updated to support 64-bit architecture within the early 10.X updates. Quark makes updates within a version cycle free to users.

Que. Which operating systems does QuarkXPress 10 support?
Ans. QuarkXPress 10 will support OS X Mountain Lion and Lion as well as Windows 7 and 8. It will not support OS X Leopard, OS X Snow Leopard, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.

Que. Why won’t QuarkXPress 10 support legacy OS versions?
Ans. It was necessary to remove support for some of the older OS versions in preparation for the new ones that we know are on the way such as Mac OS 10.9. The minimum OS platforms supported are Mac OS X 10.7 and Windows 7.

Que. Will QuarkXPress 10 Support OS X Mavericks?
Ans. QuarkXPress 10 will support OS X Mavericks soon after its availability.

Que. Which versions of QuarkXPress will QuarkXPress support?
Ans. QuarkXPress 10 will support documents created with QuarkXPress 7 and above.