The key to resolving this quickly for your site is to refresh the license count in the QLA Server. The first thing to do is to check the number of available licenses in QLA Control Panel. If you determine that your licenses are all checked out, there are three different ways to resolve the problem.

  1. Wait till the license is free after another user closes the copy of application or take a look at the QLA log file to determine if a single machine has more than one license checked out. Depending on how long the period you've set the Heartbeat Interval (the default value is 900 seconds), you may be able to simply wait until the Heartbeat Interval/Number of Retries time has been reached. Otherwise you will need to intervene to manually refresh the QLA Server.
  2. Manually refresh the QLA Server. To do this, type 20 in the Heartbeat interval field and 3 in the Heartbeat Retries field. Then, wait for one minute. This will ensure that all the unused licenses will get back to the pool.
  3. If numbers 1 and 2 above don't work, quit out of the QLA Server or stop the QLA Service. Then remove the following files:


  4. The above mentioned files are located at the following location.

    Mac OS: [drive]/Applications/Quark/Quark License Administrator/Server

    Windows XP: [drive]:\Program Files\Quark\Quark License Administrator\Server

    Windows 7 and later: [drive]:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Quark\Quark_License_Administrator\Server

  5. Re-start the QLA Server. This will refresh the QLA Server tracking of licenses.


This error is generated when no licenses remain in the license pool for checkout. This can happen for various reasons, the most common of which is that you or other users have crashed and immediately relaunched QuarkXPress. When this happens, QuarkXPress does not have an opportunity to notify the QLA Server that the previous license is no longer in use. When you or another user relaunches QuarkXPress, it claims a second license rather than refreshing the first license. As a result, two licenses are checked out for the same machine. If this happens frequently enough, the run count (number of licenses) are used up, and no further licenses can be granted by the QLA Server.