To reduce CPU usage of the Primary QLA Server while the Backup Server is also running, follow these steps:

  1. In the QLA Control Panel, go to View > Log Options.
  2. Change the Log purged after (days) to a value of 1.
  3. Reduce the Maximum log size to 64 KB; then set the Logging Level to 1.
  4. Stop both the Primary and Backup QLA servers.
  5. Delete the HistChkinChkOut.log file from the QLA Primary and Backup Server folders.
  6. Open the file with a text editor on both the Primary and Backup QLA servers and set the following value:

  7. Remove the HWMUsage.dat and Save.dat files.
  8. Start up the QLA Primary Server.
  9. Start up the QLA Backup Server.


The QLA Primary Server and Backup Server communicate at regular intervals to ensure that license usage and log information is synchronized. This should not increase CPU usage. Such a behavior is a defect in QLA 4.5. Until this defect is fixed in a later release of QLA, the steps below will address CPU usage issues.