Enter the correct Ethernet address into the Server Host ID field on your Account Information page, being sure to omit any colons, spaces, or hyphens. To find the correct Ethernet address follow these steps:

For Macintosh:

1. Launch the Network Utility (Hard Drive > Applications > Utilities > Network Utility).

2. Click on the Info tab.

3. Under 'Please select a network interface for information,' choose (en0).

4. The value that you will enter is listed as the 'Hardware Address.'

For Windows:

1. Launch Command Prompt.

2. Type the following command: 'ipconfig /all', and press Enter.

3. Find the line that reads 'Physical Address.' This is your Ethernet address.

Note: If you are running the QLA Server on a Macintosh, enter the characters of the Ethernet address in lower case.

This error means only one thing: the Ethernet Address that you entered into the Server Host ID field is incorrect. When the QLA Server launches, it self-validates against the Ethernet Address of the computer on which it is running (also known as the Mac Address, Hardware Address or Physical Address) for any installed Ethernet or Airport card(s). This address is entered into your Account Information page for your QLA Web Account in the Server Host ID field. If the value in this field does not match your Ethernet address, then Quark License Administrator will not launch.