Affects: Mac and Windows


The issue occurs with some combination of Type 1 CID downloaded fonts only.

Solution 1

Export as PS instead of PDF for later distilling

  1. MAC: QuarkXPress Menu >> Preferences
    WIN: Go to edit >> Preferences>> PDF

  2. Check the radio button for “Create post script file for later distilling” and then Click OK.

  3. Go to File >> Export > Layout as PDF and save the file as PS

Solution 2

Export to EPS

1. Open the document in QuarkXPress and import the PDF created in Corel draw
2. Go to File >> Export >> Page as EPS

Solution 3

Print to PS

  1. Go to the print dialog box

  2. Select the Adobe PDF converter and click on print. It will save the PS

Solution 4

Convert all fonts into curve in CorelDraw