Sometimes QuarkXPress Server as service doesn't start and we notice an error 'FATAL - UNKNOWN_ERROR' is logged in the QuarkXPress Server log.

Or, when try to launch QuarkXPress Server using the batch file (Serverstartup.bat), it stops after message 'Verifying ports usage':

[com.quark.qxps.common.AppInfo][WrapperSimpleAppMain] - Starting QuarkXPress Server...

[com.quark.qxps.common.AppInfo][WrapperSimpleAppMain] - QuarkXPress Server

[com.quark.qxps.common.AppInfo][WrapperSimpleAppMain] - Version

[com.quark.qxps.common.AppInfo][WrapperSimpleAppMain] - Path = C:\Program Files\Quark\QuarkXPress Server 2016

[][WrapperSimpleAppMain] - Verifying ports usage


This could happen due to incorrect entries like QLA Server details or the QuarkXPress Server serial number in the '' file. This file is located in QuarkXPress Server installed directory > conf folder. The file contains following information:

#QLA properties for primary server setup



#QLA properties for backup server setup

Backup.QlaServer.machinename=<Backup QLA host name>

Backup.QlaServer.port=<Backup QLA Port>


Please ensure that we are pointing to the correct QLA Server (i.e we have entered the correct IP address or machine name of QLA server and port number) and using the correct serial number.

It may be possible that we have entered the correct information about the QLA Server and the QuarkXPress Server serial number, however, the QLA server doesn't contain the QuarkXPress Server serial number. So, in that case kindly check the QLA server and if doesn't contain the QuarkXPress Server serial number, add the serial number to the QLA license file by logging into our QLA web account (http:// and download the updated license file for the QLA server.