Applies to: QuarkXPress 2015


Since most of the pre-canned paper sizes are removed from QuarkXPress 2015 and we are just sporting US Legal, US Letter, A3, A4 and A5. So if you need a postcard size for company X, you can create one!

If you would want to use a page size that used to be in the earlier versions of QuarkXPress and is not present in QuarkXPress 2015, you can now create it for yourself and save/delete it in QuarkXPress 2015.

Solution: Share the newly created paper sizes with other machines with the steps below:

  1. Within QuarkXPress 2015 create the presets you need at one workstation

  2. Go to File> New> Click on the Size dropdown> Select New

  3. Create a new custom size as per requirement

  4. Quit QuarkXPress 2015

  5. Go to the Preferences folder and locate the file 'XPXT_XCPS_1.resdata' (it's in the folder ResData/XPress Preferences in your main preferences folder). It contains all your presets.

    (For Preferences - Click on the Finder Window > Select GO > Hold down the Option key > Select Library from the DropDown > Under Library ; you will find the Preferences folder)

  6. Copy it

  7. Go to the other workstation and put the copied file into the preferences folder of the new QuarkXPress 2015 (at the same place), replacing the existing file

  8. Launch QuarkXPress 2015, create new document and click the dropdown menu to find the custom page size