Affects : QuarkXPress 10.x and QuarkXPress 2015

Windows 7, Mac OS 10.9.x & 10.10.x

On Windows:

  1. Navigate to C (or root drive):\Program Files\Quark\QuarkXPress 2015\Tools

  2. Here double click on the file named as QuarkCacheCleaner to clear the cache.

  3. Go to C:\Users\(current logged in user)\AppData\Local\Quark and rename the folder QuarkXPress 2015 named as QuarkXPress 2015OLD

  4. Quit all the running applications and navigate to Start > Run and type %temp% and delete all the temp files at this location

  5. Launch QuarkXPress and open the problematic project

On Mac:

  1. Navigate to QuarkXPress application folder > Tools. Here double click on the file named as QuarkCacheCleaner to clear the cache

  2. Create new folder inside QuarkXPress folder with the name Preferences

  3. In case, Preferences folder is already created inside QuarkXPress folder then rename this folder as PreferencesOld and create new folder and name it as Preferences.

  4. Kindly perform the below mentioned steps to remove the temp files from your machine:

  • Switch to Finder of your Mac machine

  • Navigate to Go > Go to Folder...(Go to folder window opens)

  • Type /var and click on Go button

  • It would open the hidden var folder.

  • Here navigate to folders folder and it would display list of folders

  • In these folders and their sub folders, you need to search the folder with the name T (as shown in attached screenshot)

  • In the T folder please delete all the contents inside TemporaryItems folder. (Note: You may get folders with different names inside folders folder on your machine but you need to reach the location T/TemporaryItems)

  • Restart your machine and launch QuarkXPress

  • Open the problematic project and verify the issue.