NOTE Disable any virus protection software. If you are concerned about a virus infecting your computer, use virus protection software to check the installer and then disable any virus protection software before proceeding.

1. Double-click the setup.exe icon. The QuarkXPress – Setup window dialog box displays.

2. Click Next. The License Agreement screen displays. Read the license agreement carefully. If you accept the terms of the agreement, click I accept the terms in the license agreement. If you do not accept the terms, click I do not accept the terms in the license agreement. NOTE You must accept the terms of the license agreement to continue.

3. The Software Verification screen displays. Choose Full Install from the Installation Type drop-down menu.

4. Enter the validation code provided with the installer in the fields.

5. Click Next. The Customer Information screen displays. Enter your user name in the User Name field. In the Install this application for: area, click Anyone who uses this computer (all users) or Only for me.

6. Click Next. The User Information screen displays. Enter your information in the appropriate fields.

7. Click Next. The Destination Folder page displays. Choose the installation location.

8. Click Next. The Setup Type page displays. Click Complete to install all of the program files. Click Custom to install only the program files you select.

If you clicked Custom, the Custom page displays. Click the disclosure boxes to view individual installable items. (Not all of the items will display every option.)

NOTE QuarkXPress requires certain items. You cannot deselect such items.

NOTE Complete is the recommended installation type.Click Next. The Ready to Install the Program page displays.

9. Click Install. A progress bar indicates the progress of the installation.

10. Click Finish when the installer notifies you that installation is complete.