Title: QuarkXPress 2015 crashes while quitting.

Applies to: QuarkXPress 2015 while using Font Suitcase Fusion 6/FontExplorer on El Capitan only.

If you are Font Suitcase Fusion 6/FontExplorer on your machine to manage fonts while using QuarkXPress 2015, you might end up getting crash issues with QuarkXPress. The issue is originally not with QuarkXPress 2015 but Extensis's product which is Suitcase Fusion 6 or FontExplorer only on El Capitan as acknowledged by the manufacturer. The issue has been recognised by Extensis and they are working on a fix apart from providing a workaround to their customers.

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QuarkXPress 2015 crashes while quitting

Disable Font Suitcase Fusion 6. Please contact the manufacturer to get a complete solution on the issue.