Feature Description: 

QuarkXPress 2015 introduces new fast Inline Table support to insert a table data from Microsoft Excel workbook (XLSX format only). With this new Inline Tables you can also apply Table Styles created in QuarkXPress.

Supported Excel Format: Microsoft Excel 2007 or later (xlsx format only)

Table editing: The Inline Tables data can be edited only in source format, which is in .xlfile linked to the table. So, for editing the table data or column widths, you have to open linked Excel workbook to make changes. However, Table Styles can be edited in QuarkXPress once created or imported formatting from source workbook.

Table Updates: You can use Utilities>Usage to update the table data similar to image updates.

Table Styles: Please note that the new Table Styles are available only for Inline Tables. These table styles cannot be applied to legacy table model available in QuarkXPress.

You can create Inline tables in two ways:

1. You can draw a text box and go to Item menu and select “Insert Inline Table”. It brings up Excel “Table Link” dialog with a check box ticked for Inline Table by default. Then choose Excel data to import a table with formats or without formatting. The options are explained below.

2. Alternately, you can also select Table tool and draw a box to populate table properties (same as legacy), and then choose Link to External Data, select XLSX file you want to import and tick the check box for Inline Table. This will create a text box automatically to insert an Inline Table.

Inline Table import options: 

• You must select Content Tool and place the cursor in a text box to insert an Inline Table. If you use Table Tool, it will create a text box automatically.

Table Style, you can select a pre-defined table style to apply to the data/table you are importing from Excel Workbook. If you do not select any Table Style it will generate table style and corresponding paragraph styles automatically based on supported formatting in QuarkXPress.

Include Formats will allow you to retain the formatting from Excel Workbook and generates inline table style to match the formatting. If you select an existing Table Style, the option for Include Formats is ignored.

Include Geometry will allow you to maintain geometry (column widths only) when imported table as Inline Table.

Fit To Box, when this check box is enabled the table fits to the text box automatically and when you resize the text box the table columns are spread proportionately to fit to the box. If Fit To Box is combined with Include Geometry, the Inline Table fits to the box by keeping proportionate column widths from source Excel data.

• Other options in Table Link dialog are same as previous versions when selected Excel Spreadsheet to import table.