For the JPEG preview that displays in the left column of Web Editor, ensure that the fonts used in the article are installed on the computer that is running QuarkXPress Server. To ensure that the article is displayed with the correct fonts in the middle column of Web Editor, install the required fonts on the computer where you are running Web Editor.

When an article is checked out via Web Hub, QuarkXPress Server displays the JPEG preview of the article in the left column. If the fonts used in the article are installed on the QuarkXPress Server machine, then the JPEG preview will display with the correct font. However, if a font is not present on the machine where QuarkXPress Server is installed, QuarkXPress Server will replace the font with the default replacement font specified in QuarkXPress Server Preferences.

In addition, the middle column of Web Editor displays the article preview in editable mode. Web Editor will correctly display the article with the specified fonts if they are installed and active on the machine where you are working with Web Hub. However,, if the original font is not installed on the machine on which Web Hub is running, then Web Editor will use the default font that is set in the browser preferences. Please see the attached screenshot depicting the columns as viewed in Web Editor.