QuarkXPress will run as a full product for 30 days without activating after installation. After 30 days the application will go in Demo mode with limited functionality.

Activating your QuarkXPress License:

Your copy can be activated by various different options, the most recommended & fastest method is to choose the Automatic Activate option (refer Method 1 below). Your system must be connected to the Internet to complete the activation process.

  1. Launch QuarkXPress.

  2. The Application prompts for Activation, click on Activate Now.

  1. See below methods for different ways to activate your software.

Method 1: Automatic Activation

  1. After Activate Now, It takes to Automatic Activation window.

  2. It also shows the button to select Other Activation Options. Ignore this and click Continue.

  1. The Activation Process will take 1 minute (approx.) to connect to the server and get the activation.

NOTE: The system must be connected to Internet and it should not be behind any firewall.

Method 2: Activate from Quark Maintenance Account Website

  1. After Activate Now, It takes to Automatic Activation window.

  2. Click on Other Activation Options button.

  3. Select Activate from the Quark Web Site and click Continue.

  1. Copy the Installation Code shown on the window.

  1. Visit :

  2. Click on Online Activation Form.

  3. Enter the Installation Code & click Continue.

  1. It will generate an Activation Code, which needs to be entered in the empty boxes on the activation window of QuarkXPress.