Description: Font Caches: The operating system and certain applications use font caches to keep track of installed fonts. Problems occur if a font cache becomes corrupted, for example:

a) fonts not appearing in an application font list;

b) wrong fonts;

c) missing fonts in documents.

The best solution is to delete the font cache file(s). This is OK as they are automatically restored on system restart, or on re-launch of an application.

Operating system font caches

The Mac OS X operating system has numerous font cache files.

To automatically reset all font cache files in Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and later - Restart in Safe Mode (also known as a 'Safe Boot')

How to restart in Safe Boot:

  1. Shut down the computer.

  2. Press the power button.

  3. Immediately after hearing start-up tone, hold down SHIFT key.

  4. Release SHIFT key after Apple logo and progress indicator appears.

  5. Restart the computer without holding down any keys.

Through Terminal Commands

1) To clear the current user’s font cache, quit all theapplications running at the moment

Now, Navigate to - Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal and type the command: atsutil databases –removeUser

2) To remove the font cache for all users, type the following command, and enter your admin password if prompted sudo atsutil databases –remove

3) Once the caches are cleared, Stop the ATS server and restart with the following commands:

a) atsutil server –shutdown

b) atsutil server –ping