1. Search the following content in the crash log generated:

QUARK::GRAPHICS::MFontBroker::MakeLockedCall(QUARK::GRAPHICS::IFontBrokerUnlockedFunctor&) + 84

12 libGraphics.dylib 0x05a9ed2d QUARK::GRAPHICS::FontBroker::MFontAnalyserProc(unsigned short*, int, void const*, unsigned long, TFontFileType, void*) + 91

13 libGraphics.dylib 0x05a92145 ___Z35CocoaGetFontInfoOnAllAvailableFontsPFvPtiPKvm13TFontFileTypePvES3__block_invoke_2 + 444

If you find the above content in crash log then the crash is occurring in Graphic engine.

A defect is already logged for this issue. ID is 157812.

2. In case it is confirmed that crash is related to above defect then perform the following troubleshooting steps:

Isolate Fonts

  1. Create a Folder named 'Font Backup' on the Desktop. Inside it create two folders 'User' and 'Others'. (We do not want to lose any fonts)
  2. Delete the folder named 'QuarkXPress 10' inside MAC HDD > Users > (user’s login name) > Library > Preferences > Quark. (If the Library folder is hidden: Opt+Click the “Go” menu in Finder and click Library to access it).
  3. Move (or copy and then delete) all the files from MAC HDD > Users > (user’s login name) > Library > Fonts to the 'User' folder created above.
  4. Move (or copy and then delete) all the files from MAC HDD > Library > Fonts to the 'Others' folder created above.
  5. Delete the local Preferences folder(QuarkXPress 10 > Preferences) from QuarkXPress 10, if any.
  6. Re-launch QuarkXPress. At this point QuarkXPress should launch.
  7. If it does, start putting the fonts MAC HDD > Library > Fonts in batches. Quit and re-launch QuarkXPress every time you add more fonts. If QuarkXPress launches, your fonts are perfect. If Quark crashes again, you have a corrupt font file somewhere in that batch. You need to remove these fonts until you get QuarkXPress to launch again.

NOTE: Please ask the customer to send all such fonts to us for further analysis.

Isolate XTensions

If it still does not launch, continue with the next step.

  1. If all the fonts are OK. Disable all the XTensions by moving them from 'XTensions folder' to “XTensions Disabled” folder. Launch QuarkXPress again. (QuarkXPress 10 > XTensions)
  2. If QuarkXPress launches now, try isolating the XTension causing the crash, the same way as we did for fonts.

Collect logs

If it still does not launch, continue with the next step.

  1. Archive all the log files in “Quark Rescue Folder” on the desktop and ask the customer to send them to Quark.
  2. Launch Console. Click “Clear Display” in the toolbar.
  3. Launch QuarkXPress 10.
  4. Click the up arrow button at the Bottom-Left Corner of the Console Window. Click the checkbox for QuarkXPress. You should see some entries in the log, if not re-launch QuarkXPress.
  5. Look for entries that have a disclosure triangle on the left. Open it. Click the Inspector button in the toolbar. In the Message Inspector window, double click “Message”.
  6. Copy the text to a text file and save. Ask the customer to send this to Quark.

viii. Opt+Click the Apple menu. Choose “System Information”. It will open a new window with System Details.

  1. Click File -> Save (Don’t choose “Save as Text”). Save the file and collect it from the customer.

Please confirm with customer if they are working on dual / multi monitors.