Instead of trying to specify multiple search bases, specify the single search base DN at one level above the desired multiple search bases, i.e., as the parent base of multiple bases.
While searching for users in the LDAP directory, QPS Server descends the hierarchy from the base DN to the lowest level in the tree (DIT). This way, when a search is executed on the parent base DN, users on that level and all levels under it are returned. per the examples below:

  1. base DN=ou=qcdusers,ou=people,dc=india,dc=foo,dc=com

  2. base DN=ou=qxpressusers,ou=people,dc=india,dc=foo,dc=com

You can simply specify the search base as:

base DN=ou=people,dc=india,dc=foo,dc=com

Note: For some setups this solution may not work straightaway since under that parent base DN there might be entries (objects) other than of type users e.g. computers, groups, etc. In such a case the search fails because these other objects do not have one or more of the attributes we look for in a 'user' type object e.g. attributes such as 'samaccountname', 'sn', etc.. So, in such cases modifying the search filter accordingly will make the search work fine if you change the search filter as below to make sure only user entries are being returned:


Note: This instruction searches for entries/objects where samaccountname is defined and sn (lastname) is also defined.