1. Create a new output style in QuarkXPress:

  • In QuarkXPress navigate to Edit Menu>> Output Style >> Create a New Ouput Style for example you choose PDF Style and you can name it as TestPDF.

2. Download QXPS jobjacket

  • Navigate to the QXPS Web Admin i.e. http:// QXPS server IP:port/
  • Navigate to the Administration >> Job Jackets, a Manage Job Jacket window appears where you need to click on the Green Arrow which says Get Job Jacket for editing. It will download the job jacket named as (QuarkXPressServerJobjacket.xml), create a copy of the job jacket for a backup purpose.

3. Add new output style in QXPS jobjacket:

  • In QuarkXPress navigate to the Utilities Menu>> Job jacket Manager >> Open the Job Jacket which we downloaded(QuarkXPressServerJobjacket.xml)
  • Click on the QuarkXPress icon on the right hand top corner to load Application resources.
  • Click on the Output Styles, it will disply all the output styles including the one we created named as TestPDF.
  • Select & Drag TestPDF into the job jacket(QuarkXPressServerJobjacket.xml). Click Save & Close.

4. Upload the modified jobjacket back to QXPS:

  • Go back to the QXPS Web Admin( http:// QXPS server IP:port/)>> Manage Job Jacket window Click on Choose File to select the modified file which should be saved in Doc Pool and click on Submit.

5. Test the newly add output style using the below request

  • http:// QXPS server IP:port/pdf/project1.qxp?output style=TestPDF.