Background: This message appears when you try to open a document which is originally created in QuarkXPress 6 or below as QuarkXPress 10 can open documents created in Version 7 or above.

Steps to be performed:
Launch QuarkXPress 9 and open the document created in an older version (6 or below).
If you do not have QuarkXPress 9, download and Install QuarkXPress 9 Trial version from the link below:

  1. Save the old document in QuarkXPress 9 to make it native to version 9. (Use File>>Save As to keep the original document as a backup)
  2. Now, open the document saved in QuarkXPress 9 in QuarkXPress 10 and save it as QuarkXPress 10 document.

Reason 2: If the error still appears, the header of the document could be corrupted. Please contact support via Quark Customer Portal: