Useful for:

  • Improving QPS Server performance 
  • Allocating and managing QPS Server memory usage

To configure memory allocation for QPS Server on Windows:

  1. Stop QPS Server. 
  2. If you start QPS Server with QPS Server Console or QPS Server Windows service, open the 'wrapper.conf' file. 
  3. Locate the following line:

    # Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB)
  4. Adjust the maxmemory value to 1536, unless this exceeds 50 percent of available memory. 
  5. Save your changes and restart QPS Server. 

To configure memory allocation for QPS Server on Mac OS:

  1. Stop QPS Server. 
  2. Locate the ServerStartup.command file in the QPS Server folder and open it in a text-editing application. 
  3. Search for the following line:

    java -server -Xmx512m -classpath

    Note: 512m represents 512MB of RAM allocated to QPS Server. 
  4. Adjust the value up to 50 percent of the available memory. 
  5. Save and close ServerStartup.command and restart QPS Server. 

The increased memory allocation can be verified from the Java console in the last tab, 'VM'.

More Information:
When QPS is being launched via the QuarkXPress Console, changes done in the ServerStarup.bat are not taken into consideration. This procedure allows you to set memory when starting QPS Server through the Console.

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