Useful for:

  • Restoring an Oracle database to active status
  • Reinitializing QPS Server


  1. Log into your Oracle Schema (for DMS Server or QPS Server).
  2. Break the Oracle job. To do so:
  • Check the job id of the job with the help of the following command at the SQL prompt.
  • Select job, 'what from user_jobs;'. 
  • Break the Analyze Schema job.
  • Execute dbms_job.broken(<job>,”TRUE”) 
  • Restart the database.

If you want to start the job again we can execute the below command
execute dbms_job.break(<job>,'FALSE')

To remove the job from the Oracle database

  1. Check the job id of job with the help of below command on SQL prompt.
  2. Select job, what from user_jobs;
  3. Execute the follwoing command: