You can use search filters to import multiple users into the QPS 8 Users listings.

Following are the search filters you can use to import users in this scenario (instead of importing one user at a time). We strongly recommend that you use the second search filter because it is easier to manage the set of users to be imported.

  1. user.searchfilter=(|(mail=name@companyemailaddress)(mail=ame@companyemailaddress)(mail=ame@companyemailaddress), etc., for all users to be imported into QPS.

user.searchfilter=(memberOf=<XX>=,OU=Distribution Lists,OU=name of Distribution List,DC=office,DC==com)

For this second search filter to work properly, the Directory Manager should make a group/XX “<name of group>' and include all desired users in it. By using the 2nd search filter, you can circumvent the requirement to add the ability to import groups/DLs in QPS.