QPS normally runs in a network environment where software licenses are granted from the QLA Server for QuarkXPress Server, QuarkXPress, and QuarkCopyDesk. QPS Connect Client also needs to log into the QPS Server via a network connection. In addition, QPS Server needs to detect a network connection in order to run, but you can set up a Localhost connection for QPS Server while connected to your network, after which QPS Server will be able to run without a connection to the network..

More Information:
To run QPS Server without a network connection, follow these steps:

  1. While connected to the network, open the ServerApps.properties file (located in the conf folder of the QPS Server folder.
  2. Add IP to the server.additionalnames= line.
  3. Restart QPS Server (while still connected to your network). Clients will be able to log into QPS Server even if the network is disconnected.