The info(), debug(), warn(), error() and exception() methods use the QPS login to output messages. QPS login prints messages on standard output and in the QPSServer.log file.

If it is required to print something in the QPS log, it is recommended to use any of the following methods:

debug(), info(), warn(), error() or exception()

The debug() method will only output messages in the QPS log if the log level in log4j. is set to DEBUG or TRACE.

The info(), warn(), error() and exception() methods will print messages in the QPS server log if the log level is set to default value of INFO.

The “print” scripting method outputs only on the Standard output of the QPS Server machine. It is equivalent to executing “System.out.println()” on the server machine.

a) In case QPS is launched via the startup .bat file or .sh file, the standard out is the console or Terminal window (on mac).

b) If QPS Server is launched as background process on Mac, the standard out is displayed as Console log by the Console application.

c) If QPS is running as service on Windows, there is no standard out file/location.