If the value of Current Indexer Queue Size is towards the higher side or in case it keeps increasing, then it tells us that QPS Server is in a stress state. You can also confirm if QuarkXPress Server is up and running and is not in a hung state.

Set of Recommendations for better indexing performance and to avoid indexing related delays:

  1. Indexing of images via ImageMagick is a CPU intensive process. It helps to have a faster processor and multiple cores/processors.
  2. If the server machine has multiple cores/processors, the number of active threads can be increased for better indexing performance. By having more indexing threads, more number of files can be processed in parallel, reducing and preventing backlogs. It is recommended that you have as many threads as you do number of processors/cores on the server machine.
  3. Bulk check-in and updates may create a temporary backlog and delay preview or thumbnail generation of any file added or modified thereafter. Any automated process must intersperse check-ins and updates to provide some breather time to the indexing mechanism. This will allow an opportunity for processing user requests of reindex and a better user experience overall.