To understand Job Jackets and QPS, do the following things:

1. Create a new QXP project from Job Jacket A.
2. Check in the QXP project to a QPS publication that is associated with Job Jacket B.
3. Check out the project in QXP. The following alert displays: 'The Job Jacket resources available with this project do not match those available in the current publication. Do you want to update the Job Jacket resources to match the resources available in the current publication? Updating can cause reflow.'

  • If you click Update, QPS appends the resources of the QPS Job Jacket, so that the project includes the resources from both Job Jackets.
  • If you click Do Not Update, the project is saved with the resources of Job Jacket A.

QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk let you control how QPS deals with this situation. To change this setting, display the Preferences dialog box and click Project and Attachments under Quark Publishing System. The Choose drop-down menu under Update Job Jacket Resources area controls when the alert mentioned in step 3 displays. If this menu is set to Ask, and you click Update when the alert displays, the alert is not displayed again (unless you make changes to the Job Jackets structure so that it no longer matches the server version).

This is a user-level preference, meaning that it is stored separately for each user on the server. Each user's setting for this menu is honored no matter which computer the user logs in from. Other user-level preferences include General > Basic > Location Options and General > Auto Log On/Off > Do Not Display Log On Dialog Box.