Once a QuarkCopyDesk article or its associated boxes that are assigned as an Article in QuarkXPress are checked into QPS, a dynamic link is created between the QuarkXPress boxes that comprise the Article assignment and the QuarkCopyDesk Article. If the Article is deleted from QPS, QuarkXPress retains the box relationships that were assigned. In order to remove these boxes, you will need to save a copy of the file outside of QPS and check it in as a fresh asset.

To delete the boxes:

  1. Check out the QuarkXPress project from QPS
  2. Do Save As (File > Save As) to your local hard drive (this will unlink the file from the QPS workflow).
  3. Open the saved project and delete the problematic text boxes.
  4. Log into QPS and check in the file you saved to the local hard drive.

If this does not work:

  1. Disable the QPS XTension (Utilities > XTensions Manager)
  2. Relaunch QuarkXPress.
  3. Delete the unwanted boxes.
  4. Enable QPS XTension and log into QPS and check in the QuarkXPress project.