This error is being generated when attempting to connect to a file repository located on a platform different from the one on which you are launching QPS Server. Going from Mac to Mac or Windows to Windows creates no problem. For example, when launching QPS Server on a Mac, it is not possible to map a Drive letter or UNC path. This is a defect in QPS 7.31 and is fixed in version 7.4 and later.

Solution: Update to QPS 7.4. If this is not possible, use the workaround described below to connect to the file repository.

  1. Open the Services window and right click on “QPS Server” and click on Properties.
  2. Click on “Logon” tab and Select “This Account”.
  3. Add the User information with which you are logged in on the windows machine.

More Information:
If you cannot update to QPS 7.4, you can also resolve this problem by starting up from the ServerStartup script instead of the QPS Console in QPS 7.31.